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National payment system PROSTIR is a national system of retail payments wherein payments for goods and services, cash withdrawals, and other transactions are conducted using an electronic means of payment, namely PROSTIR payment cards

NPS PROSTIR is developed by the National Bank of Ukraine. The full name of NPS PROSTIR is the National Payment System "Ukrainian Payment Area (Prostir)". Until its rebranding in 2016, NPS PROSTIR was known as National System of Mass Electronic Payments (NSMEP)

Our Mission

We facilitate cashless payments growth in Ukraine

Our goals

  • To become a competitive and nation-wide payment system in Ukraine
  • To meet the actual needs of Ukrainians with a high-quality, state-of-the-art, and cost-effective payment instrument
  • To become a leader in implementing innovative payment solutions

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Products and Services

PROSTIR is an advanced technology working for the convenience of people and economic security of the state

Virtual Cards

Virtual PROSTIR card will be useful for active clients of Ukrainian online shops. Virtual Card ensures minimum risk of fraud in Internet payments

Contactless payments

PROSTIR cards have a built-in contactless technology. PROSTIR cards allow one to pay for undeground trips in Kyiv directly on a ticket-gate


PROSTIR cards are an easy and secure way to payin the Ukrainian Internet domain

PROSTIR Mobile App

PROSTIR Card holders will get an easy access PROSTIR payment system services through a mobile app. PROSTIR mobile app will be available shortly

Bonus Programs

PROSTIR payment system strives to reward PROSTIR card holders for loyalty. Therefore, PROSTIR will soon introduce its own loyalty program

Card-to-Card Payments

PROSTIR card holder will be able to pay from his/her card to another PROSTIR card The service will be available shortly

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The procedure for joining PROSTIR can be found at link. Please, address all questions about specifics of PROSTIR membership to the PROSTIR service desk by phone +38 044 527 3958 or e-mail: PROSTIR@bank.gov.ua


  • 97.7 % of all transactions with cards issued by Ukrainian banks are performed within the country, and only 2.3 % abroad
  • PROSTIR is an EMV CPA-based system. ATMs and terminals are fully compatible with international payment systems` technical standards
  • 98 % of POS-terminals and 86 % ATMs can already process PROSTIR payment cards
  • Internet payments and settlements can be done with PROSTIR cards

We offer cost-efficiency

  • Low entrance fee and quick connection to PROSTIR
  • System fees are several times lower in PROSTIR than in international systems
  • A much lower security deposit
  • No extra charges for payment cards issued
  • No charge for opening/maintaining accounts with a settlement bank
  • The possibility to receive issuer and acquirer status (including Internet-acquirer one) with no additional charges

We offer security

  • No FX risks, as the settlement currency in PROSTIR is the Ukrainian hryvnia. Contributions to PROSTIR`s security fund are also made in hryvnia
  • PROSTIR is a local payment system, which implies a low level of transaction fraud, as most fraudulent transactions are registered in countries other than the payment card`s issuing country. A modern dispute resolution system is implemented in PROSTIR

More possibilities with PROSTIR

  • Membership in PROSTIR allows a bank to participate in an open tender for an authorized bank for payment of salaries to public sector employees, public welfare payments, etc
  • Availability of "PROSTIR e-money". Members of PROSTIR don`t need to register their own e-money system rules to be able to issue it; the authorization procedure is much simplified and flexible


What is a PROSTIR card?

A PROSTIR card is a payment card, which enables its holder to pay for goods or services at retailers, withdraw cash, transfer money to another card, and so on. The card is equipped with a magnetic stripe and/or a chip and contactless technology. NPS PROSTIR cards allow effecting transactions specifically with hryvnia, domestic currency, within Ukraine and on Ukrainian websites

Fees to be paid when using a PROSTIR card

PROSTIR card holder is not charged for cashless peaymets at retailers or on the Internet. Fees for other operations with PROSTIR cards, such as cash withdrowals or card-to-card remittances are set by the issuing bank

Can one use a PROSTIR card for payments in stores and on the Internet?

A PROSTIR card allows its holder to make cashless payments for goods and services in stores or on the Internet within Ukraine, withdraw cash from payment devices of PROSTIR member banks, or transfer a holder`s funds from his/her card to other PROSTIR cards

Where can one obtain a PROSTIR card?

You can receive a PROSTIR card at any of the PROSTIR member banks

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Is it profitable to acquire PROSTIR cards for payments?

PROSTIR payment system provides banks with an economically justified opportunity to lower tariffs for trade and service enterprises. For more information on tariffs for acquiring PROSTIR cards, please refer to your bank or PROSTIR member banks

What should be done to install a POS-terminal for PROSTIR cards?

To install a POS-terminal for PROSTIR cards, please apply to a PROSTIR member bank and sign a contract with it for provision of acquiring services

Can the same POS-terminal service VISA, MASTERCARD, and PROSTIR cards at the same time?

The same POS-terminal can service PROSTIR, MasterCard, and Visa cards at the same time. PROSTIR is created according to open standards, on which the majority of payment systems are based, including those operating in Ukraine

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cash-deposit ATMs

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Our contacts
In case of questions or concerns please e-mail to PROSTIR@bank.gov.ua
✔ Clients, legal entities and members of the payment market:
More information about cooperation with NPS PROSTIR is available by phone (044) 527-39-58, (044) 527-39-89
✔ Clients, consumers and cardholders:
More information about the use and maintenance of PROSTIR payment cards is available in issuing banks
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