For Individuals

You can receive a PROSTIR card at any issuing PROSTIR member bank (for more details please refer to one of the offices, call a contact center, refer to the bank’s website or use your mobile app).

To select a payment card, please, review the list of banks issuing PROSTIR cards.

If you have any problems with your PROSTIR card, refer to the issuing bank (by phone on the reverse of your card) or fill out the form following the link. Also, you can call our managers on the phone number +380 67 408 00 14.

In case of loss or theft of the card, notify your issuing bank at once and block the card. You can do that by calling to your bank’s help line or in mobile/online banking.

If the card was damaged, please refer to your issuing bank.

You can deliver contactless payments if your PROSTIR card has an embedded chip and a contactless icon.

Today, contactless payment is one of the safest types of payments. You don’t need to give your card to the teller. For payment exceeding UAH 500 you must enter your PIN code. All factors contribute to safety of a contactless payment.

We take care to provide security to PROSTIR card holders against fraud when paying online.
EMV 3-D Secure is a technology advancing security of online payments both on websites and mobile apps. PROSTIR also implemented such security technology for e-commerce transactions called PROSTIR e-Secure.
If during a purchase you see a PROSTIR e-Secure logo on the merchant’s website, this means that to complete the payment the payer might need to undergo an additional check to confirm to the bank that the payer is the one paying with the card. This may be a confirmation on the mobile app of the bank that issued the card or a one-time password in a message from the bank that should be input in a respective field. This stage of additional check ensures that the transaction is executed by the card holder

Card payments

You can pay for goods and services with a PROSTIR card in Ukraine, pay online, and a co-badged PROSTIR – UnionPay International card can be used for settlements abroad as well.

You can pay in metro if your PROSTIR card has an embedded chip and a contactless icon. Besides, contactless payment with a PROSTIR card to pay for funicular and at the stations of light rail and parking payment machines in Lviv and Kyiv. 

Yes, you can deliver online payments with PROSTIR card on websites of Ukrainian companies, and with a co-badged PROSTIR – UnionPay International card on foreign websites supporting UnionPay International.

Abroad you can pay with co-badged PROSTIR – UnionPay International cards. Standard PROSTIR cards are not accepted outside Ukraine.

Funds are debited only one time per transaction. In case of an erroneous repeated debiting, you can request the teller to cancel the transaction and return the funds, also you can refer to issuing bank for filing a complaint for repeated debiting.

Replenishment of the card, transfer of funds, cash withdrawal

You can replenish your PROSTIR card through self-service kiosks (SSK) and ATMs that accept cash and POS terminals in Ukrposhta offices. Service provider list.

Also, PROSTIR card can be replenished in the issuing bank’s office or by delivering a transfer from another card.

PROSTIR cards have the ability to deliver fund transfers between PROSTIR cards and cards of other payment systems. Everything you need to know is the recipient’s card number. In order to deliver an C2C online transfer, select only verified and secure services. Find here the list of services and websites (ongoing updates).

Also, you can transfer funds in mobile or online banking services of your issuing bank (provided the bank offers said service)

Commission is charged on card-to-card transfers. The size of the commission depends on the online service and the sending bank. Usually, when entering the transfer amount the service informs on the set amount of the commission.

You can withdraw cash using PROSTIR card in Ukraine in banks’ cash desks and most bank ATMs in Ukraine. The biggest ATM networks belong to CB PrivatBank JSC, Oschadbank JSC, and Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC. 

PROSTIR cards issued by Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC, UКRGАSBАNК JSB, Forward Bank JSC, ALFA-BANK JSC, Policombank, CB PrivatBank JSC, JSC BANK 3/4, JSC BANK FOR INVESTMENTS AND SAVINGS, JSC RWS BANK, JSC BANK TRUST-CAPITAL can be used for cash withdrawals at cash desks of retail stores, pharmacies, gas stations if such have POS terminals of CB PrivatBank JSC, Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC, ALFA-BANK JSC, and BANK VOSTOK PJSC, and Pivdennyi Bank.

To do that, you should:

  1. Request a withdrawal from the cashier along with the payment for purchase
  2. Pay for purchase (of any amount) with PROSTIR card and tell the cashier the amount of withdrawal.
  3. Confirm the transaction and enter your card PIN.

Maximum withdrawal per transaction ranges from UAH 500 to UAH 6,000 depending on the retailer. The list of retailers offering cash withdrawals. The list of banks continues to expand. We are doing our best to make this service accessible to holders of PROSTIR cards issued by any issuing bank.

Promotions and bonuses

Issuing banks of PROSTIR cards can introduce own promotional programs. The PROSTIR payment system, together with issuing banks, conducts promotions for PROSTIR card holders and posts respective information on its website. 

For Members
General questions
  1. Benefits – banks can cut costs on maintaining proprietary card business and thus provide low tariffs for the final consumer. This type of cost-cutting gains importance on the account of reducing interchange fees in Ukraine being an important income source for card issuers for developing its products and services.
  2. Cutting-edge card technologies – PROSTIR keeps up the pace with major trends and innovations in the payments sector and introduces new technologies in order to provide users with state-of-the-art products.
  3. Payment security – PROSTIR applies modern technologies and international standards of information security and guarantees safety of all transactions with PROSTIR cards and stable operation.

PROSTIR members today are 52 banks and two institutions. Please, view the list of system members. 

In order to become a PROSTIR member, please read the step-by-step instruction for the system accession.

If you have any remaining questions on accessing the system, please contact our managers (tel.: +380 67 408 00 14 or +380 50 534 47 55).

To know more about member tariffs please follow the link.

You can find the logo and the brand book on the About us page.

PROSTIR e-Secure is a security technology for e-commerce transactions for PROSTIR participants based EMV 3-D Secure v. 2.2.0 and 2.1.0 protocol. The technology is presented in the Directory Server solution certified by EMVCo and has a respective Letter of Approval. 
Due to PROSTIR e-Secure in merchants, issuing banks of PROSTIR cards can receive and process big amount of data to better understand customer behavior and to clearly identify the potential risks thereby improving the authentication process.
At present, PROSTIR bank participants are in the process of implementing the technology.

Please find PROSTIR e-Secure logo in vector format here.